So you want a Ridgeback:

Before going out and getting your first Ridgeback - be it a rescue or a pup - ask yourself if this is really what you want. You are about to make a committment that needs to last the lifetime of your dog. Ridgebacks can live anywhere from 10 to 15 years. If you are single, married, no kids or with kids, please ask yourself "does this fit in with my future plans?" Of course no one can see in to the future, but there are so many people that see this cute puppy and jump right in. And then along comes a wife/husband/kid and all of a sudden you don't "have time" for the dog anymore. How fair is that to this dog that you have raised and loved?

Please remember, that this cute puppy will grow up to be a large dog.  All dogs require time and attention. Ridgebacks require a little more. They are not Labs or Golden Retrievers. Their ultimate goal is NOT to please you. They want to please you, don't get me wrong, but they also have a mind of their own and they use it. Often.

Ridgebacks are pack animals. They can not live in a kennel outside. If you plan to have a dog that is tied to a tree or in an outdoor kennel away from the people, this is not the dog for you. Move on.

Simple, fair, consistent training is essential as well as LOTS of socialization, this can not be stressed too much. These dogs do not respond to punishment, in fact, too much of it and too harsh may have devestating effects on the dog and the owner. Ridgebacks do enjoy training, just not too much of it at once.  I recommend finding a good obedience club whose members train and show, they will have the best methods to train your new puppy.  It is good to look around and visit their classes to see the methods that are used in training, talk with the members to see the breeds that they have and what level they are showing.